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About Study Abroad

Explore the World with

Studying overseas provides a unique opportunity that can open up fresh perspectives on international political, economic and social issues, interpersonal relationships and ultimately career choices.

MCU's Study Abroad programs directly support our emphasis on encouraging students to recognize and develop multiple perspectives and global awareness. Additionally, studying overseas takes you on a journey beyond MCU and gives you an opportunity to explore, increase intercultural competence, engage in critical reflection and personally transform.

In fact, Study Abroad supports the development of the whole person and respect for human dignity, essential elements of the college's mission and vision. The student abroad engages in critical reflection related to personal growth and development as well as to global competence.

Often students say that their decision to study abroad was the best decision they have ever made. One MCU student echoed other students with these words about study abroad:

"Study abroad has been a key to door that not only showed me the rest of the world, but also showed me the rest of myself. I recently read a quote that really resonated with this whole experience for me, 'Go far enough away, so you can find yourself.' Here I am, literally across the world, and I am found."

Start the application process now, for what may be the biggest adventure of your life! Click "Programs" on the Navigation Bar to see what programs MCU has to offer!

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